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Overview of the auxiliary tools provided by KLEE




klee-stats is a Python script used to extract and present in a tabular form runtime statistics for a KLEE execution. The runtime statistics include:

klee-stats extracts statistics information from the run.stats file present in the klee-out-* directory created during a KLEE execution. The exact usage of klee-stats is as follows:

klee-stats [options] directories

The directories parameter is a list of klee-out-* directories created by KLEE. A common scenario is to simply run klee-stats on klee-last.

In order to limit printed information only to the values of measured times, the following options can be used:

The --precision option can be used to configure the number of fractional digits displayed in floating point values. By default, 2 fractional digits are displayed, but in some cases that might be not sufficient—if the value is very small, e.g. 0.0001, with 2-digits precision it will be printed as 0.00.

Various other options can be used to specify what values are displayed and how they are displayed. Options for comparison of statistics are also provided. More information about available options can be obtained using the command:

$ klee-stats --help