Version 2.1


Try KLEE for Yourself

  1. First tutorial: Testing a small function.
  2. Second tutorial: Testing a simple regular expression library.
  3. Solving a maze with KLEE: A nice explanation of how symbolic execution can be used to generate interesting program inputs. The example shows how to use KLEE to find all the solutions to a maze game.
  4. Keygenning with KLEE and Hex-Rays: A beginners explanation of using symbolic execution to solve a small binary’s pseudocode.
  5. Keygenning With KLEE: A more in-depth guide to using KLEE to solve larger binaries.
  6. Testing Coreutils: In-depth description of how to use KLEE to test GNU Coreutils.
  7. Using symbolic environment: Guide with examples on how to use the symbolic environment such as symbolic files and command-line arguments for the program under test.