Version 2.1

Getting Involved

KLEE Developer Policy and Guide

If you are interested in contributing to KLEE, here is some relevant information.

KLEE is made available under the liberal UIUC open source license. All contributors to the KLEE codebase agree to release their contributions under this license.

The copyright for the code is held by the individual contributors of the code under the terms of KLEE’s license.

Mailing Lists

Currently the main list for KLEE discussion (both for users and developers) is klee-dev.

Commit messages to the KLEE repository go to klee-commits.

Bug Reports

If you find a bug in KLEE, please fill a bug report on GitHub. You might also want to report it on klee-dev.

Working with the Code

You should first check KLEE’s developer’s guide.

Developer documentation is written in Doxygen.

Many parts of KLEE rely on the LLVM infrastructure, so you might also want to look at LLVM’s General Programming Documentation.