Version 2.1


Learn How to Use KLEE

NOTE: This is the documentation for KLEE 2.1, which might differ from the latest version of KLEE from the master branch. For documentation relevant to KLEE’s master branch see the homepage.

If you have a question on using KLEE:

  1. Please first check the documentation below
  2. Then check the searchable mailing list archive
  3. If this still doesn’t answer your questions then:

  1. Installing KLEE: Overview of the different installation options.
  2. Intrinsics: Overview of the main KLEE intrinsic functions.
  3. KLEE Options: Overview of KLEE’s main command-line options.
  4. Generated Files: Overview of the main files generated by KLEE.
  5. Tools: Overview of the main auxiliary tools provided by KLEE.
  6. Solver Chain: Overview of the solver chain and related command-line arguments.
  7. Kleaver Options: Overview of Kleaver’s main command-line options.
  8. KQuery: The reference manual for the KQuery language, used for interacting with Kleaver.
  9. Coreutils Experiments: Some information about the Coreutils experiments presented in our KLEE OSDI’08 paper.
  10. Developer’s Guide: A brief guide on working with the KLEE source code.