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The 1st International KLEE Workshop on Symbolic Execution is coming! Join us from 19-20 April 2018 in London.


Learn How to Use KLEE

NOTE: This is the documentation for the version of KLEE in the master branch which might differ from released KLEE. For documentation relevant to a particular KLEE release see the releases page.

  1. Using KLEE Docker image: Instructions on how to use the KLEE Docker image.
  2. Building KLEE (LLVM 3.4): Instructions on how to build KLEE from source using LLVM 3.4 and CMake.
  3. Building STP: Instructions on how to build STP, KLEE’s default constraint solver.
  4. Solver Chain: Overview of the solver chain and related command line arguments.
  5. KLEE Options: Overview of KLEE’s main command-line options.
  6. Kleaver Options: Overview of Kleaver’s main command-line options.
  7. Intrinsics: Overview of the main KLEE intrinsic functions.
  8. Files: Overview of the main files generated by KLEE.
  9. Tools: Overview of the main auxiliary tools provided by KLEE.
  10. KQuery: The reference manual for the KQuery language, used for interacting with the KLEE solver (kleaver).
  11. Coreutils Experiments: Some information about the Coreutils experiments presented in our KLEE OSDI’08 paper.
  12. Developer’s Guide: A brief guide on working with the KLEE source code.